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  • 工作性質:全職
  • 學歷要求:本科及以上
  • 工作經驗:三年以上
  • 專業要求:機械相關專業
  • 外語要求:英語熟練
  • 工資待遇: 5000~15000 元/月
  • 職稱要求:不限
  • 招聘人數:1人
  • 招聘日期:2020-03-17 ~ 2021-03-18

  • Roles and Accountabilities:職責描述
    ? To conduct routine predictive, preventative and breakdown maintenance on all types of mechanical equipment in all areas of the plant, while adhering to all safety requirements and policies so to ensure reliable equipment.
    ? The Mechanical Maintenance Engineer is responsible for assisting in ensuring that plant and ancillary equipment is maintained in a safe and optimum fashion so that production targets are attained.

    Principal Activities: 主要工作
    ? Conduct routine, predictive, preventative, and breakdown maintenance on a variety of plant equipment in a safe, timely, cost-effective, and accurate manner, in accordance with manufacturers specifications and safe operating procedures, to ensure that equipment downtime is minimized.
    ? Assist in the promotion of a positive safety culture so that safety is main priority.
    ? Solicit feedback on service provided so to ensure that the needs of the Operations group are fully met.

    ? Prepare for maintenance by assisting in the allocation of resources for all routine and breakdown maintenance jobs, supervising and signing off the work of contract staff as authorized by Mechanical Manager in accordance with safety regulations/procedures so to ensure adequate resources and quality work.
    ? Carry out predictive and preventative maintenance by diagnosing, troubleshooting and repairing faulty parts on all equipment in assigned area of responsibility in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications and company procedures so to minimize downtime.
    ? Maintain resources for work by ensuring that all special instruments, tools and relevant spares are available prior to repair work and returning same to tool crib attendants at the end of the job in order to minimize downtime.
    ? Foster and promote continuous communication between maintenance and operational personnel through briefing incoming shift personnel on all work in progress and by preparing and submitting shift reports to Mechanical Manager on all repairs effected during shift so to ensure that all relevant personnel are aware of day to day activities.
    ? Assist the Mech. Manager to map out the spare parts’ list and purchase requirement, and seek some new vendor for spare parts, and other arranged job if necessary.
    ? Use experience and knowledge to investigate and rectify technical problems working mainly unsupervised, just as MOC, Punchlist work and Warranty.
    ? Ensure that equipment such as pressure vessels, pressure pipes, safety valves, etc. in offtake station and valve room are inspected within the validity period. 確保分輸站和閥室的壓力容器、壓力管道、安全閥等設備在有效期內進行檢驗。
    ? Learn more knowledge and new technology, new tools and equipment from colleagues or medium and service well in DP LNG Company.

    Safety Requirements 安全要求
    ? 自覺遵守公司的安全生產方針/目標;
    Consciously abide by the safety operation policies/goals in GDLNG;
    ? 嚴格遵守公司的安全生產程序和制度;
    Strictly abide by the safety operation procedures and regulations in GDLNG;
    ? 自覺參與公司的安全文化建設;
    Consciously participate in safety culture development companywide;
    ? 愛崗敬業,自覺參加公司的安全培訓和教育,努力掌握和提高崗位技能和安全生產水平;
    Be passionate and dedicated to work, consciously participate in company safety trainings and instructions, endeavor to master and improve professional skills and safety operation level;
    ? 發現風險或隱患,及時匯報;
    Report immediately once the potential safety risks are identified;
    ? 參與公司的應急演練或制度建設;
    Participate in company emergency response drills and regulation development;
    ? 參與或配合事故調查,不瞞/騙/遲報;
    Participate in or support the incident investigation and ensure the facticity, accuracy and timeliness;
    ? 為公司的安全生產,提供合理建議;
    Provide constructive proposals for company safety operation;
  • 任職資格:Competencies and Experience:能力與經驗
    ? The jobholder will be required to control large numbers of contractors and staff during the routine functions of his/her job.
    ? The jobholder must constantly monitor cost and number of contract personnel on site.

    Work Experience:工作經驗
    Above 3 year experiences of Mech. Maintenance.

    Educational Background:教育背景
    University degree in mechanical engineer or related disciplines
    Other Competencies:其他能力
    ? Proficiency in oral and written English.
    ? Proficiency in computer skill in general and in the use of Microsoft office package in specific.
    ? Good organizational and attention to details abilities


  • 公司已設置保密,請通過系統應聘職位。
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Guangdong Dapeng LNG Company Ltd.is the joint venture company constructing and operating the GDLNG Terminal and Trunkline Project. As a SinoForeign joint venture, Guangdong Dapeng LNG Company Ltd. consists of eleven Chinese and foreign shareholders.CNOOC is the largest Chinese shareholder while BP Global Investment Ltd. is the foreign partner.

In 2001, the predecessor of Guangdong Dapeng LNG Co. Ltd.,Guangdong LNG Joint Executive Office, officially started in Shenzhen, embarking on a feasibility study of the project. At the beginning of 2004, Guangdong Dapeng LNG Co. Ltd. was approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the PRC and was registered in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the PRC. 

The major business scope of Dapeng LNG Company Ltd. includes: purchase (import), transportation, storage and regasification of LNG; sale (transmission) of NG and byproducts to the Pearl River Delta and other regions; the chartering, lease and operation of LNG carriers;the purchaseand sale of LNG outside China and other related businesses. 

As the major operation mode of the Guangdong LNG Terminal and Trunkline Project Phase I, the imported LNG is transported by tank carrier from Australian North West Shelf and delivered to the receiving terminal, where it is offloaded into storage tanks. The converted gas is distributed to power plants and urban gas users via trunkline and subsea pipelines. 






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